Half Share - 20 Weeks - Annual with Pickup

By purchasing, you are entering into an agreement with the understanding that you are under contract with Bill's Organic Gardens, whereby you will receive a weekly vegetable box for the duration of your sign-up time of 20 weekly deliveries. 

Pick-up times for your weekly share are exclusively on Wednesday before noon at Bill's Organic Gardens. If you cannot pick up your share, you will arrange for someone else to pick it up. If any share is not collected by time it will be forfeited, and no exceptions will be made.

This is the full payment at one time. The benefit to paying in full is that you will be first in line to receive any extra that is left over on pick up day and you will receive 2 free baskets. Shareholders that choose this option will also be entitled to any extra that is left in field.

Groups are welcome: Church, schools, businesses. We can deliver to one location up to within fifty miles with a minimum 100 share order (fuel charge is extra). ADDITIONALLY: Your weekly veggie box will be filled by Bill's Organic Gardens. Arrive early for fresh produce. You will be supplied a list of veggies to choose from and it will be up to you to choose. Harvest varies from week to week, while one week you may feel you received an abundance, then the following week you may question the amount, this is part of the nature of belonging to a CSA - your local farm does not always produce enough to meet every subscriber's expectations. Fluctuations occur due to harvest capacity as determined by the working of nature, the weather, and circumstances that the farmer cannot always control.

BUGS, DIRT, NON-CONFORMITY, BLEMISHES: Bill's Organic Gardens produces All-Natural produce grown in the dirt where bugs, birds, pest and other creatures live, as such you are likely to find the occasional insect, a fair share of dirt, and veggies that are not uniform and may have blemishes.

FARM SEASON: All contracts are good one year from the date on the contract. Shareholders will share in the risks of farming, such as droughts, freezes, and floods.

REFUNDS: Due to the planning and planting of crops, I can't stress enough that there cannot be any refunds given for any segments of this agreement. Your options would be to give your share away, split share with a friend or family member, or cancel further shipments with the understanding there is a NO REFUND POLICY.

ALL SHARES: consist of the same types of vegetables, some deliveries could be the same as the prior week until new veggies begin to ripen.

MEANING: You veggie box may be identical from one week to the next as veggies mature - some people object to the redundancy, be certain you and your family can eat the same veggies two-three-or more weeks successsively. I cannot custom package, remove or substitute items based upon personal likes and dislikes.

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