CSA Longview Texas

Community Supported Agriculture Model

Typically CSAs are small, local, independent, all-natural, organic, or biodynamic farms. Consumers help finance farming operations through prepaid sales. This gives small farmers the opportunity to compete against large-scale industrialized farmer operations and focus on higher quality foods, greater diversity of produce, and better care of the land. Families who subscribe to Bill’s Organic Garden CSA program become shareholders for the length of their subscription and are supplied with a weekly box of fresh fruits and vegetables that have been grown in Gregg County.

Benefits of CSA

Nutritional - our produce is harvested at the peak of ripeness and is at its freshest when received by our CSA members, enhancing its flavor, and vitamin and mineral content. All our products are organic and contain no harmful herbicide or pesticide residues.

Environmental - our produce is not shipped long distances to get to our CSA members and our organic production methods maintain the health of our land.

Economic - our CSA shares are competitively priced and buying locally helps maintain the economic health of your community.

Variety - we grow around 50 different crops.