About Us: Longview Texas

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We began our farming career in 1971 on 300 acres of sandy loam soil in Newellton, La. This acreage was furrow-irrigated  from a well that produced 4,000 gallons of water per minute. Our crops on this land consisted of cotton and soybeans, double-cropped with winter wheat. We also grew 25 acres of sweet corn, peas, tomatoes, squash, orka and peanuts. This produce was sold to Brookshires, Jitney Jungle, Piggly Wiggly and local families in our area. Over the next 15 years our acreage expanded to 10,000 acres of foundation and registered soybean seed which we sold to local farmers to plant in their fields. We also grew 5,000 acres of cotton, 1,000 acres of corn, 3,000 of wheat and small amounts of rice during that time. Our irrigation wells were also used for raising 100 acres of catfish, with sells of fingerlings, broodfish and foodfish grown in these ponds. During the mid '80s we produced stone-ground corn meal and whole wheat flour sold in Brookshire stores. Having this diverse knowledge we can now grow vegetables for hundreds of hungry Texans that want quality organic foods.

About the Farmer: I am a third generation farmer from Northeast Louisiana. My experience in farming started in 1971 on 300 acres of land in Tensas Parish, LA. We grew cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat and furrow irrigated on most all of our crops. I also grew vegetables on 25 acres of sandy loam soils for Malone and Hyde accounts as well as for local families. We were farming up to 10,000 acres until we moved to Texas in the 90’s. We have grown vegetables for local families for the last 15 years.

About the Farm: We grow most everything we sell on our 75 acre farm out here in Longview, TX. Our farm is all-natural meaning our farm is a chemical-free zone. We use no pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, or chemical fertilizers. We strive to exceed organic standards by not using “certified organic” pesticides, soaps, bleaches, wax, or sprays that have crept into organic farming as large corporations have encroached upon the world of organics. We do utilize beneficial insects such as lady bugs, praying mantis, green lace wings, and tricograma wasps to help control pests. Lizards, birds, frogs, snakes, and spiders find their home here amongst the veggies – not using poisons they find safe haven at Bill’s Organic Gardens and Farmers Market. We also practice intense companion planting to help control unwanted pests and to keep weeds to a minimum – not an easy task.